Dear Guests we inform you about the rules of Santo Stefano Club in order to grant you a pleasant and safe stay. For further information, please address Management Offices.

  • You can check in the housing unit after 4.00 p.m. of the arrival day and you should leave it before 10.00 a.m. of the departure day, except for different agreements with the Management Offices.


The guests are invited to check in, providing identity papers details and fill in Public Security and Privacy forms. Ids requested: Identity Card, Passport or Driving Licence.

  • Every guest should take care of his personal effects and jewels left in the flat; the guest house will not be responsible for any unlucky theft.
  • Every guest is responsible for one's conduct inside the guest house and the sorrounding space. Every guest is liable for any damages due to one's own misbehaviour and will be asked for a compensation.
  • We recommend you to lock the flat door properly when out of the housing unit, to close the windows, the balconies, switch off the lights and all electric apparels (tv, air conditioning, gas stove...) and turn all water taps off.
  • The Management Offices have the right to enter the guest's flat, during his absence, in order to avoid damages or possible dangers. The guest should be informed promptly by the Management Offices about their unauthorized entrance.
  • It is strictly forbidden to damage any equipment or piece of furniture, provoke accidents or disturb the peace of the occupants; no disturbing noises from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. and from 11.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.
  • The unit equipments should be used exclusively by registered occupants; however, on occupants' demand, the Management Offices may authorise visits at arranged time.
  • Bringing in weapons, explosives, flammable materials and the like is severely  prohibited.
  • Using any equipment not included in the unit is possible after the Management Offices authorisation.
  • In case of damages to equipments, piece of furniture, instruments or apparatus in the flat, the guest should advise immediately the Management Offices. If the loss or the damage is due to the guest's misconduct, he is obliged to refund the value of the damaged effect.
  • Taking equipments or tools(such as tableware, household utensils, towels and the like) away from the flat is prohibited.
  • The Management Offices have the right to interrupt the guest's stay if he will not comply with the house rules.


The guest house offers the possibility to guest little and medium size animals. The Management Offices shoud be informed about the animal at the booking. The animal owner should take care of his animal and avoid any possible troubles or damages for other occupants. Animals cannot stay in common areas. The guest house accepts only animals respecting hygiene rules. The Management Offices are entitled to ask for a compensation in case of damages  to the structure equipments.
We inform you that it is possible to house animals in nearby buildings. For further information, please address to the Management Offices.

A free shuttle service for the parking areas of the town and for the Florida Shore is offered. We advise you to book the service in advance at the reception desk in order to avoid any overbooking and waits.

Cars and motors should park in the unsupervised parking lot. One car is alloweded for each housing unit.

In case of cancellation of a reservation, the guest house may retain the following conditions:

  • by the 30th day before the beginning of the stay, the deposit will be totally refunded to the customer.
  • By the 29th to the 15th day before the beginning of the stay, 50% of the deposit will be retained.
  • By the 14th to the 1st day before the beginning of the stay, the full deposit will be totally withheld.

The Management Offices retains the right to allow the customer to use the deposit in a different period.

In case of early departure a 3 day of stay tarif penalty will be required.

The right to protection of personal data of customers is guaranteed according to the law 196/2003.

It is possible to book as follows:

  • in the guest house  directly. It is requested the customer's acceptance and the identification form filling.
  • By phone, fax, or email: in these cases the booking is confirmed when the customer sends the deposit through bank transfer or postal order.
  • On-line: booking online on our website or our receptive partners.

Cash, credit cards(Visa, Mastercard), bank transfers.

We kindly invite you to tell any remark, any wish or approval to our staff, at your service 24 h a day.

We wish you enjoy a pleasant and confortable stay !!!