Boat trip along the coast of Maratea.


Sailing off from the port of Maratea,heading towards North, where nature has drawn cliffs sinking in a crystal sea and amazing seabeds, such as Santavenere Point. Going onwards you find Nastro Beach, the Grotta del Sogno (Dream Grotto), Acquafredda Cliff and the Grotta di Zu' Monaco, near Canale di Mezzanotte. The trip takes about 3 hours 30 minutes. Departure at 9,30.


Sailing off from the port of Maratea, heading towards South, where woods and pine trees reach the cliffs, hiding spectacular unique beaches and little coves, such as Cala Jannita, widely known as Spiaggia Nera (Black Beach). Near there, there are the Grotta della Sciabella and the Grotta Azzurra, where it is possible to bath. After having sailing around Santo Janni Isle, we reach Castrocucco beautiful shoal.The trip takes about 3 hours 30 minutes. Departure at 14,30.


Maratea Coast extends along about 32 km from Canale di Mezzanotte (Midnight Channel) to the river Noce mouth. It is characterized by a different landscape : we go along from Acquafredda spectacular cliffs to the quiet motionless Castrocucco shoal, passing through coves, ravines and submerged and half-submerged beautifully amazing grottos, where many animals and plants live.

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Everyone can fly with a local flying school instructor. All the equipment will be provided once you are arrived at the take off area. Personal trekking shoes, track jacket and booking are required.

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Rafting is generally known as an "extreme sport". It is actually an amusing activity available to all of us. It is the safest and most pleasant mean to enjoy the foamy Lao river, with its narrow valley, among canyons and fairy beautifully rare landscapes. Games and water fights with other teams, swimming in the rapids, a bunch of enthusiasm and energy. Amusement is garanteed. All the equipment will be provided once you are arrived. Expert guides will accompany you. No specific expertise is needed.

Different itineraries are available: the ones in calm water for families and children, the other for trained people.


  • Lao's high canyons(Laino Borgo-Campicello) 16 km. Water actual staying: 3 hours 30 min.
  • Lao's medium canyons(Campicello-Papasidero) 12 km. Water actual staying: 2 hours and 30.
  • Lao's base (Papasidero-Orsomarso) 8 km. Water actual staying about 1 hour and 30.


  • Wettable shoes
  • Bath costume
  • Thermal vest (to wear under the wet suit in case of bad weather)
  • Eyeglasses if strictly necessary
  • Dry spillage

At the rest we think of you, we will be provided with all the equipment that is suitable and necessary to deal with the descent in safety, helmet, wetsuit, water jacket, lifejacket, paddle.


  • Children under 5 years of age are not admitted.
  • Swimming ability required.

This activity is by A.S.D. LAORAFT SCALEA


Some useful advices from Flora's captain to grant you a pleasant trip: it is recommended to wear bathing suits in summer and wind-jackets in spring.

No heel shoes on. It is common use to walk barefoot.

All your personal equipment for the sea is needed. It is better to have a light breakfast.

In case of seasickness, please take your necessary pills with you. Soft luggages are admitted inside cabins. Bed linen are supplied.

This service is available for private parties, boat&breakfast, trips, drinks on board, dinners, weekend tours and meetings.



Inside agrituristic Mararanch farm works Mararanch West Club, an association whose aim is to reach riding lovers. It has been recognised by the Italian Federation of IFHA.

The centre offers a series of sport activities with qualified instructors: federal technicians of horseback riding 2° level, trip guides, cow-boys.

  • Techical licenses: the centre is the seat of exam sessions to get riding licenses or authorisations.
  • Pension for horses: the centre accomodates horses for small periods.
  • Stables: lessons are given to children inside the school camp. They can last half hour or one hour.
  • Horse Trekking: one hour long or one day long horse trips are available in an amazing landscape.

Our facilities: The history of riding has evolved over the past 25 years to reach the current structure that is composed of a series of fields for the different needs of the riders, from the baby field to the large field in which they are Equestrian events have been organized. Campo Grande: 4000 mtq, School Field: 1000 mtq, Baby Field: 600 mtq, House Barge: 8 m in diameter, Stables: 20 equipped Boxes and 11 places, Paddock: 4 distributed in the area of the "Fattoria sul mare" area.


Scubadiving centre DINOSUB is born in 1979. Since 1992 it is managed by Mr Giorgio Maria Chiappetta, who is helped by an instructors team with guides and  scuba tanks refillers and working operations.

Dinosub has a reception capacity of 30 scuba divers, who are guided by instructors in groups of 6.

Three comings out are possible: 9.30, 13.00(didactic only), 15.00. Coming out by night is possible on demand.

There are 10 different itineraries, divided according to divers' technical skills.

Furthermore, there is the diving school, which organises sessions for any kind of scuba diving license.


Galatea CapoCaccia and Jacky Sea motor vessels will accompany you along the coast making you discover the natural beauties of these lands such Arcomagno  picturesque scenery, Dino Isle and the whole Policastro Gulf.
The gulf is a vast inlet extending from Infreschi Point in Cilento to Scalea Point in high Tyrrhenian area of Cosenza.
During the crossing Calabria, Basilicata and Campania region are passed through.

  • Cruise of a day along Policastro Gulf: departure at 9.00 arrival at 17.00
  • Cruise along the coast from Scalea to S.Nicola Arcella- Praia a Mare – Maratea: departure at 9.45 arrival at about 13.

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